Ana María


About the artist.

Ana Maria Juarez Prieto, artist born in Mexico, with experience in watercolor and other painting techniques, resident of Xometla Township, Acolman, Edo. Mexico. I've been invited to exhibitions in the region since 1998 in different places and have been part of some projects that seek to make known local artists. I attended the free workshop "La Esmeralda" in 1964 and watercolor classes with Alfredo Guati Rojo, recognized teacher and founder of the Mexican Museum of Watercolor.

Founder of a nude painting workshop in 1998, which still continues at the Teotihuacan Cultural House, with the participation of different artists. It's the only free workshop that exists in the region and has served for the practice of drawing the human figure in various techniques and sharing experiences among artists. I have participated in competitions held by the Mexican Museum of Watercolor in Mexico City winning first places twice in 1991 and 1992 and title of honor in 1991


I always drawn since an early age, observation, practice and craft of technical draftsman, taught me proportions, contrast and perspective. Since the beginning my work was marked by the theme and the facility in the brushwork, a quality which in later years I have been reaffirming.
My career as a plastic author is of respect for my ideas which are sometimes difficult to convey, critique of social forms and blocks, rejecting the baroque, my proposal sometimes with large, unfilled gaps and somewhere else only suggested, are a challenge to the observer who intuit what the work only suggests even thought often seems incomplete, for which this technique is ideal.

Currently, im member of the Plastic Arts Authors Mexican Society (SOMAAP) Mexico's most important organization regarding protecting and spreading Mexican plastic artwork and their authors.

Solo exhibitions.

  • Tula-Tepeji Technological University, Hidalgo Mexico, 1992.
  • San Juan Teotihuacan High School, Edo. de México 1993.
  • Xometla, Municipio de Acolman, Edo de México, 1999.
  • Amsterdam 288, Col. Condesa, México D.F., 2000.
  • Hall of Councils, San Juan Teotihuacan, 2001.
  • "Revolución Mexicana" School, Xometla, Acolman, Edo de México, 2004.
  • "El Juglar" Literary Cafe, San Juan Teotihuacan, Edo. de México, 2010.

Collective exhibitions.

  • Spring's Hall, CAPFCE, D.F., 1992.
  • Red House, Bosque de Chapultepec, D.F. 1991.
  • Mexican Museum of Watercolor, Coyoacán, D.F. 1991 y 1992.
  • "Juventino Rosas" Culture House, Delegación Gustavo A. Madero, 1996.
  • Culture House, Tlalpan, 1996.
  • San Martín de las Pirámides, México, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, jul. 2006, nov. 2006, 2007.
  • Piñata Fair, Acolman, Edo. de México, 1998.
  • "Quetzalpapalotl" Municipal Museum, San Juan Teotihuacan, 2000.
  • Axapusco Culture House, Edo. de México, 2001 y 2002.
  • "Isidro Fabela" Library, San Martín de las Pirámides, 2001.
  • Teotihuacan's Archeological Zone Mouseum, INAH, 2002.
  • Otumba Regional Culture Center, Edo. de México, 2000 y 2002.
  • Instituto Mexiquense de Cultura's Art's Market, Toluca Edo. de México, 2001, 2002 y 2003.
  • Jaltepec, Mpio. de Axapusco Edo. de México, 2002.
  • Edo. de México University, Sto. Domingo, Mpio. de Axapusco, 2002.
  • "Quetzalpapalotl" Municipal Museum, San Juan Teotihuacan, julio 2003, nov.2003.
  • Tecámac Culture House, Edo. de México, 2003.
  • Acolman Culture House, Edo. de México, 2004.
  • La Quinta, Tecámac, Edo. de México, 2004.
  • "La Troje" Municipal Gallery, Cuautitlan Izcali, Edo. de México, 2006.
  • "Quetzalpapalotl" Municipal Museum, San Juan Teotihuacan, Edo de México, 2007.
  • Chipiltepec Fair, Mpio. de Acolman, Edo. de México, 2008.
  • Piñata Fair, Acolman Edo. de México, 2008.
  • "El Juglar" Literary Cafe, Sta. Clara Ecatepec, Edo. de México, 2009.
  • 3rd. Art Fair, Chiapas 2011.
  • Art Market, Mexiquense Cultural Center "Bicentenario", Texcoco, Edo. de México, 2011.